Playing Playground and Psycho-Physiological-Sociological Development Process

In schools, children who don’t move through class use up the excess energy they need to play in the breaks in his eyes and on a playground. It is clear to your children that his mind and the elimination of negative energy can accelerate the development of physiological play with toys in the playground. For example, when you lift the work to develop the muscles in the leg, in the arms of the bar. then the ball, swing. Just as it flows down, the man falls down, the muscles work the body’s spinal cord. In addition, all of these games that you need to play to interact with your other friends and the following bids for the topic are increased.


The child sees it as superior to continue the action in which it was and thinks that this way it does not have the rules to be followed. In short, the end of the day and reading as a child seem in the eyes of the only ones who cannot play in a playground, and the authentic expression of the nature of the social psychophysiological continues the process and the passage of time. A child who is mentally distracted may be able to use a more conceptual one and improve learning opportunities . So ready for the next chapter.

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